Comfort Toy / Blanket - Stone Beige

  • $24.95

This comfort toy is widely known as the Sweet Dreaming. When babies cuddle or play with the soft piece of organic cloth full of different styles of super soft labels, they become noticeably calm and happy. By fidgeting, playing and cuddling with the labels, your little one's motor skills and sense of touch are developed further as well. A soft toy that offers peace, comfort and solace. 


25cm x 25cm 

Inside 100% Organic Cotton, Outside 100% Recycled Polyester 

Gentle machine wash.

All product are hand-made with the greatest care and devotion. Nevertheless, please carefully check each label after washing. 


Snoozebaby is an ambitious well known brand from Amsterdam and they are famed for their ultra-soft, functional and playful baby textile accessories with tags. These tags differ in size, colour and texture and are made of satin, silk, rib or velvet and each baby will discover its own favourite tag. All products are designed to offer joy, comfort and security, just by simply cuddling them.