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Blended by Pip...
is a longtime dream come into reality for a Dutch mum of 2.
All off the pieces you'll find here are carefully sourced by Pip, surrounded and inspired by her little family.
Clothing and accessories for your little one, all from boutique brands and interesting designers. 
Sourced locally in Australia and all the way across the world in the Netherlands. A perfect blend.
At Blended by Pip you will find transitional collections of timeless quality pieces that are easy to blend, last beyond the seasons and can be worn endlessly until handed on to a sibling or a friend. 
The ideal basis to create your little one’s capsule wardrobe. Pip always aims to add matching new items to the collections.
When you purchase with Blended by Pip you are buying clothing and accessories that are made of durable fabrics and are ethically made.
Pip works with brands that have a strong and caring relationship with their suppliers and manufacturers and they treat them with respect.
Fun prints and natural fabrics. The softness your child needs for comfortable and messy play….to create fun memories.