Riffle Amsterdam was founded from the creators of Snoozebaby. Riffle's family-run team knows what parents need for your little one's first years. The brand uses a natural palette with freedom of movement forming the basis of the designs. Because a ripple, rustling ... riffle only occurs from motion. 
Long Sleeve Kimono Bodysuit - Beige melange
Kimono Style Long Sleeve Shirt - Beige Melange
T-shirt - Pink
T-Shirt - Blue
T-shirt - Dark Green/Grey
Long sleeve Shirt - Striped
Jacket - Denim
Denim Shirt
Legging - Soft Pink
Legging - Dark Green
Baggy Pants - Denim
Baby Booties - Forest Green
Baby Gloves Quilt - Forest Green
Baby Gloves Quilt - Dark Red Truffle